In 2023, 68% of lottery proceeds- £414,582 – went back to the charity to provide vital care, 13% was spent on prize money and 19% on expenses such as administration and marketing the lottery. It all adds up to special times, to lives changed, thanks to you our amazing lottery players.

You have a 1 in 523 chance of winning one of our weekly prizes (correct as of 16/01/2024).

Play our lottery and help a mum like Lisa

Annabelle and Robbie with mum Lisa

When you play the Julia’s House Lottery you are making a real difference to the lives of local families, to mums and dads facing the most extraordinary challenges.

“Annabelle has Juvenile Battens Disease, a degenerative condition that causes blindness, seizures and dementia. This devastating condition has already robbed her of her sight and will one day – a day that will come all too soon – rob her of her life. When seizures triggered her dementia, Annabelle’s speech became slurred and she struggled with mobility. It felt like we were losing Annabelle, which we are, little by little.”

But there’s yet another heart breaking twist to the story… 

“Juvenile Battens Disease is genetic and we were utterly devastated to discover that Annabelle’s younger brother Robbie also has the disease and is now blind.

We’re on an emotional rollercoaster trying to protect Robbie. We do not want him to see the fear we have and Annabelle is a daily reminder of what’s to come. Having Julia’s House care for Robbie too is a comfort because when Annabelle has gone, he will have that level of understanding and support at a really difficult time – we all will.”

Thanks to the support of people like you, our lottery players, we are not just there now and again for children like Annabelle and Robbie but regularly, year-round. Your weekly lottery entry helps fund weekly care that is available for all the families we support. 

“Julia’s House feels like a family that is there for our family. During the pandemic our family became isolated and support became minimal. Julia’s House have been there throughout, providing respite, sibling support, fun and laughter. Julia’s House are our heroes.”