Julia’s House is committed to protecting our charitable funds against all types of fraudulent activity, including money laundering.  

All member of our staff show due diligence and are encouraged to report any attempted or suspected illegal activity when processing monitory contributions or fundraising activity.  If at any time unusual requests or transactions come to light we would follow our AML policy and report our suspicions to our Board of Trustees who will use a risk-based measure to make the necessary assessments.  

Julia’s House also use an external auditing company who carry out a thorough annual audit across all areas of the charity.  During this process if they were to identify any suspicious or potential anti money laundering activity they would report this to the Finance Director who would in turn inform our Board of Trustees.  

If at any time any fundraising activity is recognised by the Board or Trustees as having the potential to be fraudulent, tax avoidance or part of suspected criminal proceeds the matter will be reported to the relevant authorises: Action Fraud and The Charity Commission or HMRC.