You'll find collectables and designer goods on our dedicated eBay page

Our eBay shop

As well as our high street shops you’ll find Julia’s House online. We have our own charity eBay account.

Because we want to get the most from every precious donation you give us we now sell a selection of the more expensive and unusual donated items on eBay. By doing this we can target a bigger audience and raise far more than could be achieved in our shops.

Here are some examples:  

A 1980s ZX Spectrum personal Computer. This would have been rejected as not suitable for sale as it was old and electrical. Sold for £585.00.  

An Inflatable Wetline 230 RIB. This was being rejected as it was too big to sell in the shop. Sold for £203.00.   

An incomplete set of Crown Devon Stockholm crockery. This was for sale in one of our shops for £75. It sold on eBay in several small lots that made more than £600.  

Vintage Anglepoise light. This was going for scrap as it was an electrical item. Sold for £86. Miniature Victorian Sewing machine. This priced at £15-20 in one of our shops. Sold for £216.   

A bottle of Gucci perfume that had been opened and had no packaging. We might hope to achieve £3-5. It sold for £84.50.   

A Vintage Corgi James Bond DB5 Aston Martin Model Car – would be sold for £1-1.50, went to a Swiss collector for £67.     

The real successes for eBay has been the sale of electrical goods, cameras, video game consoles and big name clothing items such as  North Face and RAB. We have attracted customers from as far away as Australia, China, Japan, America and Russia!  

Visit our dedicated charity eBay page 

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