We are now able to take your donations at our Creekmoor store without an appointment. Donations are taken at the Drop Off point at the back of the store which is open Monday - Saturday 10am-4.45pm, and Sundays 11am-3pm.

We kindly ask that your donations are unpacked and placed into our containers. Clothes need to be placed into our bags without coat hangers.

We will always endeavour to take as much as possible but depending on how busy we have been and what has been donated during the day we may not be able to take everything on offer. If you have furniture or any items that are larger than our crates please speak to us before hand or send us a picture.

Phone: 01202 601998
Whatsapp (for sending furniture photographs only): 07867 801828

Other stores 

Donations can be accepted at all of our other stores between 9-5, we ask that donors contact their preferred store before donating to ensure their stock room is not full. All our store contact telephone numbers can be found here.

What can I donate?
Donations we CAN accept:
  • Women’s clothing, footwear and accessories
  • Men’s clothing, footwear and accessories 
  • Children’s clothing, toys and games 
  • Books, CD’s and DVD’s 
  • Bric a brac, crockery, glassware, bakeware and ornaments 
  • Childrens Bicycles & Trikes 
  • Small Electrical Items 
  • Collectibles (coins, stamps etc)
Donations we CAN accept at our Creekmoor Warehouse ONLY:
  • Good quality furniture with Fire labels 
  • Fridges and Freezers UNDER 5 years old 
  • Recliner chairs and electric beds 
  • Antique Furniture (fire label exempt) 
  • Prams & Pushchairs
Donations we CANNOT accept:

Due to Fire Laws we cannot accept:

  • Upholstered items that do not have the relevant fire labels
  • Mains or bottled gas appliances, microwaves, electric fires, batteries or computer hard drives

Due to Ivory Act 2018 and Government Laws we cannot accept:

  • Items containing ivory, bone, turtle and tortoise-shell 

Due to Safety Laws we cannot accept:

  • Bicycle helmets, safety hard hats or protective clothing
  • Infant car seats or booster seats
  • Inflatable safety aids 
  • Soft toys without CE labels
  • Food or drink, toxic or hazardous substances such as cleaning products, tobacco and alcohol

Due to Dangerous Weapons Laws we cannot accept:

  • Firearms, ammunition, weapons, knives or objects that could be used as weapons or replica weapons, bladed tools

Due to not being able to re-sell, re-use or recycle these items we cannot accept:

  • Duvets and pillows
  • Coat hangers 
  • VHS Tapes and Music Cassette Tapes 
  • Christmas trees – real and artificial