When is the Julia’s House Gameathon event?

The Julia’s House Gameathon event is 23rd - 24th May 2020. Start time on the 23rd May is 9am. If you are completing a 24 hour gaming challenge this will finish at 9am on 24th May. 

How do I sign up?

Complete the registration form here, then go to JustGiving, setup your fundraising page and start fundraising. 

It is your decision as to how long you choose to game for the challenge event. You can gather your virtual squad or go solo, play any game you fancy, use any games console and you can stream the challenge event or play offline but remember to share your gaming updates with your friends, family and followers on social media. 

The important thing is to stay safe and well during the gaming challenge.

How do I fundraise? 

Fundraising pages will need to be setup on JustGiving, find out how here

Once you’ve set up your fundraising page on JustGiving, keep sharing the link with friends, family and followers on your social media so they can sponsor you.  We’ve also got downloadable resources available on our website here to help you raise funds and share your fundraising.  

How can you help me fundraise?

Once you’ve signed up, we’ll keep in touch by email with tips and ideas for fundraising. We’ve also got downloadable resources available here to help you raise funds and share your fundraising with your friends, family and followers.

How much do I need to raise?

There is no set fundraising target per Gameathon participant. We would encourage you to set a target on your JustGiving page which you can aim towards, you can always increase your fundraising target if you wish. 

You could kick start your fundraising page by making a donation yourself, this can often encourage others to follow.

How does my fundraising help? 

Through the current Coronavirus crisis, Julia’s House is adapting its care on a day-to-day basis to continue to support the most vulnerable children and families in our community and give them the vital care they so desperately need.  

Julia’s House nurses and carers visit families in their homes, connect via video call, collect prescriptions and essentials, offering vital reassurance and advice to the anxious parents of children with life limiting conditions. Enabling these children to stay safe and well at home is helping to ease the burden on an overstretched NHS. 

It’s not been easy but our families need us more than ever. By fundraising for Julia’s House, you are helping to ensure this vital support can continue through the Coronavirus crisis and beyond. 

Are you fundraising on Facebook for the Gameathon event? 

It is preferable that fundraising for the Gameathon event happens via JustGiving. If you choose to use Facebook as a fundraising platform for the Gameathon event, or in order to complement or top up donations for your fundraising, please note we may not be aware of this fundraising activity. 

How do I connect my game play on Xbox or PlayStation to my fundraising page?

You will need to connect a Twitch account to your fundraising page. Simply go to your store on Xbox or PlayStation and install the Twitch app and login. Once you’ve done this, you can connect your Twitch account to your fundraising page. 

If you’d prefer to link to your Mixer or PlayStation Live, copy and paste the stream link to your story section on your page.

Do I have to stream?

No, you're welcome to take part in the Gameathon event without streaming your games. Be sure to use social media to let family and friends know when you'll be playing and encourage them to pledge to your event

What platform can I stream on? 

You can choose the platform you wish to stream on - Twitch, Mixer, Youtube, Facebook live. 

You don’t have to live stream, you can play offline, but remember to post regular updates on your social media channels to keep your followers, family and friends updated and to help with your donations.

Find a useful guide to setting up a live stream and how to link your Twitch account to your JustGiving fundraising page, find out how here 

Do you have a code of conduct for the event?

Please take a look at the /uploads/Downloads/Campaigns/Terms and Conditions- JH Gameathon May 2020 FINAL V2_prize.docx as they include information about your conduct for the event. You are fully responsible for your actions while taking part and Julia’s House do not accept responsibility for your actions, nor the consequences of such actions.  

We do ask you not to use aggressive or abusive language whilst taking part in the Event. You should also avoid behaving in a way which may cause injury or harm to yourself or other participants, or which may cause offence to others or damage the reputation of Julia’s House.

We’ve got a few additional guidelines too which we would ask you to follow when streaming:

  • No illegal acts
  • No profanity, sexually explicit or offensive or discriminatory language or visuals
  • No playing while intoxicated
  • No illegal drugs or paraphernalia

If you are streaming games rated above PEGI 12+ rating or if you believe you may use strong language, please mark your stream as containing mature content.

If you are streaming online, do not share personal information. 

Which games can I play?

You can play any game that you enjoy, and as many games as you want with the console of your choice. You could setup a fifa tournament with friends or family, you could speedrun your favourite games or play a new game - the choice is yours!

Please choose games which are age appropriate for you and anyone you may be gaming with. 

Can I choose how long I play for?

It is your decision as to how long you choose to game for the challenge event. Some gaming enthusiasts might set their gaming challenge for 12 or 24 hours but we appreciate that this is a long time period, so others may choose less time.  The important thing is to set the challenge that is right for you and ensures you stay safe and well. If you are aged under 18, please agree the hours for the challenge with a parent or guardian.  

You can complete your gaming marathon with your friends or family by tag teaming, so you could split 12 hours of gaming between your virtual squad and share the fundraising challenge. 

Can I share the gaming challenge with friends or family? 

Yes, you can complete the gaming challenge by tag teaming with friends or family, please ensure you are following the current social distancing guidance. 

Can I take breaks whilst completing the gaming challenge? 

Yes, when taking part in the Gameathon, it's important to make sure you keep hydrated, take plenty of breaks and stretch your muscles. Look after yourself!

Before you complete the event please make sure you are fit and well to take on the challenge.  If you have any concerns, please contact a healthcare professional.

Can I create a team to do the Julia's House Gameathon challenge?

Yes, you can choose one member of the team to register the team’s name or you could all register individually.

Can under 18's take part?

Yes if you’re under 18 you can take part in the gaming challenge. However, the safety and wellbeing of children is our priority so if you are under 18 you must have parental or guardian consent to take part in the Gameathon before you sign up. Under 18s should have supervision while participating in the gaming event and should play age appropriate games. 

Each gaming participant can set their own time challenge for the Gameathon. You can tag team with friends or family to split the gaming challenge hours between them.  If you are aged under 18, the time challenge should be agreed with your parent or guardian. 

For anyone taking part in the gaming challenge we recommend keeping hydrated, taking plenty of breaks and stretching your muscles regularly. 

Julia’s House is not responsible for the type or content of games you choose to play as part of the Gameathon event and whether they are age appropriate. All participants take responsibility for the choice of game and we advise that if you are aged under 18 you require parental or guardian permission for their game choice.  

How do I stay safe online?

5 ways to keep gaming fun: 

  1. Take short breaks if you’re gaming for a long time
  2. Don’t share personal information with people in games
  3. Avoid in-game purchases like loot boxes
  4. Check the age rating of any games you play
  5. Block, report and mute people who troll or bully you in games

For more advice on staying safe when playing games online, click here >> 

I am under 18, can I setup a JustGiving fundraising page?

Fundraising on JustGiving may only be conducted by users over the age of 18. Julia’s House Gameathon participants under 18 wishing to fundraise will need a parent or someone 18 years or over to setup a fundraising page for you on JustGiving. Parental or guardian consent and supervision for under 18s is advised.

Click here for more information >>

Can Gift Aid be added to my donations?

Gift Aid is a simple way to make your donations go further. If those sponsoring your event are a UK taxpayer, we can claim 25p from the Government for every £1 donated. Donors can tick to add Gift Aid when they donate to your fundraising page via JustGiving.

Where will the money go? 

The money you raise will help provide care and support for children and families with life-threatening and life- limiting conditions across Dorset and Wiltshire during the Coronavirus crisis and beyond. 

Will my personal details be secure? 

JustGiving's top priority is to ensure that transaction and supporter data is kept secure at all times. JustGiving maintains the highest possible standards of data security. Click here for more information >>

At Julia’s House we take your data protection seriously. For information on how your data will be stored and used by Julia’s House click here >> 

Will you continue contacting me after the Gameathon event? 

Once you’ve signed up, we’ll keep in touch by email with tips and ideas for fundraising. After the event, we will only continue to keep in touch with you via email if you have opted in for email marketing communication from Julia’s House. Click here for more information >> 

Are there prizes available?

There will be a prize available for the Gameathon participant who raises the most money for the event. To qualify for the prize draw you must sign up for the Gameathon at juliashouse.org/JHGameathon and raise money through a  JustGiving fundraising page. The prize draw will close at 10am on Tuesday 26th May 2020 and the winner will be announced by 5pm on Tuesday 26th May 2020.

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