Hello everyone,

Despite all the obstacles, Julia’s House nurses and carers are continuing to provide home care for the children. We have just about got enough PPE to keep this going – getting hold of the advanced FFP3 face masks has been particularly difficult. 

We are providing respite and emergency care, as well as dropping off supplies and medicines to the families. We are also on standby to provide extra capacity support for the NHS. 

Due to the underlying health conditions of the children, their siblings may have to ‘shield’ from school and friends for longer than other children, so we are finding extra ways of helping them too. 

This is the essence of Julia’s House: compassionate, dedicated, resourceful.

It’s also great to finally see some fundraising getting going again. We held our first virtual quiz and a virtual ‘gameathon’ for computer gamers. We are planning to reopen all our shops in phases over the summer, starting with our Creekmoor megastore, on 15th June.     

And in a brilliant initiative, 55 Julia’s House nurses, carers and support staff are doing the Global Challenge: walking, running or cycling the equivalent round-the-world distance of 24,000 miles. Do sponsor them and share the link to their page, these are some of your local healthcare heroes – not just caring for vulnerable children, but fundraising so that they can do more. That’s inspiring.

To all our supporters, thank you for making our care possible in these tough times. Your acts of kindness inspire us.   

I am also thinking of our volunteers, many of whom are elderly, stuck at home. It's been lovely to speak to a number of you on the phone recently. I hope you are all keeping well and still in good spirits. 

We will meet again.

With very best wishes,

Julias House - Martin Edwards Signature