When I went for my 27 week scan, I could feel that something wasn’t right (says Mum, Lucy). After scanning me, the consultant said, "We need to get these babies out right now." I barely had time to ring my partner Nik before they wheeled me into surgery. And within an hour of going in for my scan, the girls were here.

When they were born, both girls needed to be resuscitated. They were tiny. Isla weighed 700 grams and Esmae was 900 grams. I could cradle their head and body in one of my hands, and only their long legs would dangle over.

It seemed like they were doing well in NICU. But after a week of the girls being born, they took us into a room and told us that Isla had severe brain damage. They didn’t think she was going to make it. I was in denial about it at first and then I couldn’t stop crying all day.