Julia’s House has always been there for me, so I’m very happy that I can now be there for them as one of their Young Ambassadors.  

My sister Gabrielle had a rare neurological condition which caused severe seizures and she suffered from a number of other life-limiting conditions too, which meant she couldn’t walk, talk, swallow or keep down any food.  But despite all her difficulties, she was one of the happiest girls I knew and was always so excited when we dropped her off at Julia’s House.  Mum’s life revolved around caring for Gabrielle, so having a break knowing she was in safe hands meant she could have some time to herself or with me and my sister, Carly.  Carly and I also joined the Julia’s House sibling trips, which gave us a chance to be with other children who knew just what it was like to have a seriously ill sibling. 

After fifteen years of fighting, Gabrielle died in 2018 and we were able to spend some precious time with her at the Mermaid Suite at Julia’s House to say our goodbyes. Sadly, my mum died unexpectedly 20 months later.  We had spent our last day together at Julia’s House for a special Remembering Day with other families who had lost their children too.  Some of the Julia’s House staff attended Gabrielle’s funeral and made us dinner the night before, one of them even read my eulogy for me at my mum's funeral. They have really helped my family cope through the hardest of days and I honestly can't thank them enough.

Julia’s House has been like a family and I'm so grateful for everything they have done. Without their support, I would not have had the most amazing childhood and been able to create the happy memories that will last a life time.