What has it meant to you to take part in the 7 Wonders of the World challenge for Julia's House?

I like to challenge myself with things out of my comfort zone. Taking on all seven challenges definitely fits into that category! In a world where not much else can properly be planned in my calendar at the moment, something like this is brilliant; it’s given me something to work on and look forward to.

Why did you sign up?

I signed up for two reasons. On one hand I love exercise but secondly, and more importantly, it’s in an effort to raise awareness. We are all being encouraged to go out and do exercise safely and many of us do still have more free time on our hands… perfect for an odd run or cycle. I’m encouraging my followers to take part, even if it’s just one of the wonders over several months. It’s vital that we remember that charities like Julia’s House are still working, regardless of whether businesses and leisure facilities are open. It’s crucial that we do all we can in this difficult time to support our charities, especially those who don’t receive Government funding.

How have you completed the first 2 challenges - running, cycling, anything else?

I’ve predominantly been running, I’d say about 3/4 of my distance so far… However, I’m incorporating a few cycles along the way to alleviate any potential knee injuries. (I have a few knee problems!) 

James McVey cycling
Has anyone been joining you for your runs/cycle rides? 

The beauty of this challenge for me is it’s able to be done alone. I actually really enjoy those two hours I go out the house where it’s just me and my headphones. That said, when I’m allowed to, I’d love to go to Dorset and do a few longer runs and cycles with friends.

How have your fitness levels improved?

I’ve been running/cycling since last summer however I have recently recognised an improvement in my fitness, which is very much welcomed! The 12-15ks are much more achievable.

What are you enjoying about the challenge? 

I like to plot my progress in life and this challenge offers that. I’m easily able to see how much I’ve completed and I like watching the percentage decrease after every instalment. It’s actually quite crazy to see how much distance you can actually cover if you set yourself the challenge, and that’s brilliant! I’m also really enjoying seeing a variety of different photos and facts from the Seven Wonders as I tick them off. Had I gone to university, I would’ve studied history, so that’s an added bonus!

Any favourite or interesting landmarks that you've seen along the way?

I couldn't possibly pick one! However, the Great Wall of China was awesome.

What's your next destination?

I've finished the Taj Mahal and now onto Christ the Redeemer!

What are your post lockdown plans?

We are extremely excited to announce we are going back on the road in September. It’s long overdue an we are so happy to be able to reschedule our UK dates for this Autumn.  

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