The children at Farley Nursery School are used to outdoor adventures, but their latest exploration has taken them all the way to space.

Staff, parents and children at the Steeple Langford nursery have danced, stomped and moon-walked to complete around 70 miles in total during a special space-themed fundraising week.

Farley Nursery School Steeple Langford

Their miles will go towards a 6786-mile ‘race around the moon’ led by local youngster Harry Byrne. The seven-year-old from Larkhill has taken on the challenge to raise money for Julia's House and Naomi House & Jacksplace. We work together to care for Harry's little brother Reuben and their family.

Known well by the staff and families at Farley Nursery School, Harry has attended the outdoor-based nursery’s Rangers camps for Key Stage 1 children during school holidays. His Mum Sophie also used to work at the nursery before leaving to become a full-time carer for Reuben.

Laura Boatwright, Nursery Manager, said, “When we heard about Harry’s new race around the moon challenge, we wanted to do what we could to show our love and support for the whole family.

“As a nursery we completed a Martian March with laps around the field, clocking up 34 miles in just one day. All of our children took part – so we had six month olds being carried, toddlers toddling and four-year-olds walking backwards. The children looked amazing in their dress up.”

Laura said, “Our wonderful nursery cook baked a space-themed cake for a raffle prize and staff made cakes for a bake sale. We also enjoyed a Space Stomp moon dance and a messy moon walk, with children having sensory fun whilst adding up the miles for Harry.

Farley Nursery School Steeple Langford

She added, “We’re delighted we’ve been able to raise funds and awareness for two wonderful local children’s hospices, and we’re looking forward to hosting our charity parents’ football match soon to raise more in the coming weeks.”

Through their space-themed activities, the Farley Nursery School staff have been able to talk to the older children about the work of Julia's House nurses and carers, and how we help Reuben and his family. The two-year-old was born with a condition that causes his brain to deteriorate and he can have up to 10 seizures a day. Sadly, the boys’ older sister Olivia died from the same condition when she was just eight months old. Because doctors are still learning about the condition, the family were told that ‘lightning wouldn’t strike twice’.

Mum Sophie Byrne said, “Reuben has hugely complex needs and needs round-the-clock care from someone who’s trained to look after him. It can be incredibly tiring for us. So when the Julia’s House nurses come into our home to give us those respite care breaks, it means we can switch off a little, and have peace of mind that Reuben’s in safe and loving hands.”

She said, “Harry’s just amazing with Reuben and they’re both so brave. I think that’s what’s going to break our hearts the most when Reuben does pass away because they love each other so much.”

Claudia Hickin, Fundraiser for Julia’s House, said, “We’re so grateful to all the moon trekkers at Farley Nursery in Steeple Langford for their stellar week of fundraising. Every mile helps Harry to reach his target of racing around the moon, and every pound raised makes a big difference for our care for local families.”

Support Harry’s ‘A race around the moon’ challenge at his Virgin Giving Money page.