Quick thinking comedienne and Julia’s House patron, Debra Stephenson is put to the test in the BBC’s Celebrity Mastermind next week, as she takes to the black chair to raise funds for us!

Debra Stephenson is put to the test in the BBC’s Celebrity Mastermind

Her specialist subject; long-time hero and Liverpool legend John Lennon. “I have always admired him as a truth seeker and activist for peace” admitted Debra “qualities that couldn’t be more relevant today. I started studying transcendental meditation in 2020, practicing ever since, so I was curious to find out more about The Beatles’ experience in India with The Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.  Delving into their story I was most drawn to Lennon; his was a captivating discovery of spirituality and an epic journey in self-improvement.”

“Don’t let me down”

Taking on Britain’s toughest quiz, Debra confessed the greatest challenge was the worry her mind would seize up under pressure; “learning about a subject and using recall to answer questions is a great way to “tone up” the mind and most importantly for me a great exercise in staying calm and focussed under pressure.”

“Come together”

In the pre-recorded show, Debra generously splits her charity winnings between Julia’s House and Blind Veterans.  Blind Veterans who helped her Grandad at the end when no one was allowed to visit or help him during the 2020 lockdown. 

Donating a fantastic £1,500 to Julia’s House, to help us continue to support local families of children with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions: from bespoke and specialist care to round-the-clock attendance.  Our CEO, Martin Edwards was thrilled by the news: “We’re so grateful to Debra for her generosity and her quick-fire answers in the hot-seat, donations like these make it possible for the most seriously ill children and their families to access the lifeline of support and respite they need at the most challenging of times.”

“All you Need is Love” 

Supporting Julia’s House in her role as patron, Debra noted: “Julia’s House are really wonderful in the way they continue to support local families through unimaginable challenges. I hope local people will be inspired to do what they can for this children’s hospice, and I hope John Lennon will remind them to be truth-seekers and “give peace a chance” because All you Need is Love!”

When asked about her Mastermind opponents, Debra explained “the other contestants were friendly, I didn’t get any competitive vibes - but then I’m not a competitive person. I’ve done many competitions; from Opportunity Knocks when I was 14 to the Strictly Christmas Special, but I draw the line at eating insects - I hate creepy crawlies!”

Don’t miss Debra’s star performance in BBC’s Celebrity Mastermind on Saturday 18th Feb 2023.