Event information

Event date:8th - 9th October 2022
Booking closing date:23rd September 2022
Run Bournemouth

Run Bournemouth is an irresistible combination of vibrant atmosphere, fresh air and fabulous views.

Choose from the half-marathon, 10k or 5k. There are also junior races for children aged from three to 12! You will get a free charity place when you sign up to run for Julia's House and make a fundraising pledge.

Why not get your family running for our families?


Sunday 9th October 2022
Bournemouth Half Marathon (Age 17+)
Supersonic 10k (Age 15+)

Saturday 8th October 2022
Supernova 5k (All ages)
Junior 5k (Age 11-18)
Junior 2k (Age 9-12)
Junior 1.5k (Age 6-8)
Junior 1k (Age 3-6)

How to get involved
Julia's House charity place

We will pay for your entry and in return, we ask for a minimum fundraising pledge. 

Our run packages
  • Half Marathon: £250 minimum sponsorship
  • 10k: £140 minimum sponsorship
  • 5k & Junior 5k: £90 minimum sponsorship
  • 2k, 1.5k and 1k Junior races: £60 minimum sponsorship
We'll be there for you
As a thank you for supporting Julia’s House you’ll receive:

One-to-one support from our events team, a free running vest or t-shirt and access to our Fundraisers Facebook Group, where we will keep you updated and provide lots of hints and tips to help you with your fundraising.

Run Bournemouth
Run Bournemouth
Run Bournemouth
Run Bournemouth
Run Bournemouth
Run Bournemouth
Run Bournemouth
Run Bournemouth

Make their challenge your challenge

Tehya smiling

Tehya has a rare genetic condition which affects her growth, her breathing and muscles. It is thought this may have also been the trigger for the retinal cancer she developed as a baby. As she is totally blind, Tehya can’t tell day from night, so she can be awake all hours of the night or sleep in during the day. 

“When Julia’s House was mentioned, at first I didn’t want any help as I felt no-one could look after Tehya like I could. I just wanted to do everything myself.  One of the nurses came to talk to me and it was just so helpful. They really understood. And I thought ‘this is the place for Tehya.’ They’ve been in our lives since 2014 and it’s just like they’re our extended family.”

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