"Im really happy to become an ambassador for Julias House so that I can help the military to support these local families with very ill children. Wiltshire is a close-knit community and so some of the family members who use the hospice service actually work for, or have a direct involvement with the army in some way. If we can help to raise the charitys profile in order to support them, and other families like them in the community, that will be important for many of us."

"Some of the Garrisons from the local areas joined me recently to look around the new hospice building in Devizes. It was a momentous occasion as we have never been all together in one place before! We all saw for ourselves what an important resource the hospice will be for the children - to play in and receive care – and for the siblings and parents to use too. What an amazing place! I am really looking forward to supporting the charity’s work in every way I can”