Lottery FAQ

How does the draw work?

It costs a £1 per entry per week for each draw. You’ll receive a unique membership number which will automatically be entered into our weekly draw provided you have at least £1 credit remaining on your membership.

Every Friday, 52 weeks per year, a computerised draw takes place. The draw computer enters the 6 digit draw numbers into the draw for each ticket that is in credit. The computer randomly selects one of these numbers for each of the prizes. The prizes are drawn in order of prize value. Once a number is drawn, it is removed from the draw for the remaining prizes that week.

What are the prizes and how will I know I've won?

If you are a winner, there is no need to claim your prize – cheques are automatically printed and posted to you. 

1st  prize = £1,000 
2nd prize = £250 
3rd prize = £100 
10 prizes of £10 
10 prizes of £5

Winning numbers are published weekly on our results page.

Why is the monthly payment £4.34?

There are 52 draws in the year and in order to collect by Direct Debit in 12 equal monthly instalments we need to collect £4.34 per month per play.

Why do some initial payments by Direct Debit have an additional £2?

Since there are slightly more than 52 weeks in a year and most months have slightly more than 4 weeks, the extra £2 on your first payment ensures that your ticket remains in credit and does not miss any of the weekly draws.

Can I ever owe the Julia’s House Lottery money?

No – if you do not have any funds in your account you simply do not get entered into the draw. When your account gets down to £4 we will write to you to remind you to top up your membership to ensure you continue to be entered into the weekly draw.  

Where do the profits from the Julia’s House Lottery go?

Last year, 64% of lottery proceeds – that’s £403,342 - went back to the charity. That’s enough to cover the cost of 13 full-time nurses for a year.

For every £1 lottery entry, 64p goes towards providing vital care and support for local children and families. 36% (36p) goes on prize money and 23% (23p) goes on other expenses such as dministration and marketing the lottery. It all adds up to special times, to lives changed, thanks to you our amazing lottery players.

Gift Vouchers

Give a life-changing gift for someone who cares! Our lottery gift vouchers help to transform the lives of people living in your community. So for as little as £10 for 10 weeks play, give a gift that keeps on giving. Ideal for: birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, weddings, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or a just a simple thank you.

Our Canvassers

We have a dedicated team of canvassers working on our behalf across Dorset and Wiltshire helping to recruit new members to our lottery. We use a specialist fundraising company to provide skilled lottery fundraisers to represent us. You may see them at venues across Dorset and Wiltshire and they also carry out door-to-door canvassing across the two counties.

Will you pass my personal information on to anyone else?

At no time will Julia’s House pass your personal information on to any third party without your express permission other than when obliged to do so by legislation at that time in force and then only with the express authority of the Chief Executive. For more details see our Data Protection Policy.  

Is Julia’s House Lottery licenced?

Yes – The Julia’s House Lottery is licensed by the Gambling Commission – www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk

Social responsibility

Please click here to view our social responsibility in gambling policy. If you would like to request a self-exclusion from gambling, please download our form here.  

Terms and Conditions

Please click here to view our terms and conditions.  

More questions?

If we haven’t answered all your queries here, please contact us at the Lottery Office on 01202 644220 or email us at lottery@juliashouse.org, we’d love to hear from you.


The promoter of Julia’s House Lottery is Martin Edwards. Registered with The Gambling Commission under the Gambling Act 2005.
Registration No. 000-039939-N-319913-009. Charity No. 1067125

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