At home, work or school, we’ve got you covered for ideas on how to raise money for Julia’s House. 
If you’re taking on an exercise challenge, don’t forget to build up your fitness gradually and seek the advice of your GP if you’re in any doubt about your fitness levels.

20th Anniversary ideas

  1. Hike for your local hospice. Amazing scenery and a great cause!
  2. Take on a £20 challenge in your company or school. How much can you raise from a £20 start?
  3. Take a 20 foodie challenge – can you manage to eat 20 of your least favourite food? Celery, marmite on toast, blue cheese, liquorice or even Brussel sprouts!
  4. Do without something for 20 days – gaming, social media, chocolate, coffee, wine…what do you love the most and are prepared to give up for Julia’s House?
  5. A 20 hour vow of silence – can you do it? 
  6. For schools (or adults who like Smarties!)…
    - Save 20ps in a Smarties tube – they’re just the right size and shape. Could your whole class save their 20ps or even your whole school? Who can save the most Smarties tubes?
    - Bring your toy to school day and aim to raise £200 from the whole school or bring your toy to school with 20p for Julia’s House
  7. Share it out. Get your company or school to take on 20 different challenges.
  8. Get active to the power of 20:
    - 200 squats every day for 20 days
    - Run for 20 minutes every day for 20 days
    - 20 minutes hoola hooping (not as easy as it sounds!)
    - 2000 steps in 20 minutes (is that even possible?)
    - 2000 bounces on a trampoline. Get the children involved in this one
    - 2 minute swim in a cold sea
    - Cycle or horse ride 20 miles
    - Dance yourself dizzy for 20 hours in a disco danceathon
  9. Show your support by leaving us a gift in your Will - a gift of 1% can make 100% difference to overwhelmed parents.
  10. Hold a 20th anniversary tea party – china is the traditional 20th anniversary gift.
  11. Tell 20 people all about Julia’s House and our life-changing care for local families on social media, at work or with friends and ask them to follow our social channels.
  12. Remember someone special with one of our beautiful Forever Butterflies.
  13. Sign up as one of our regular givers for £20 a month.
  14. Get 20 friends or colleagues to take on a big challenge – sign up for our Big Jump, go wing walking, take on the Ten Tors.
  15. Time travel back 20 years. Get colleagues to bring in photographs of themselves from 20 years ago and run a guess who competition. £2.00 for every guess.
  16. Take on a timed challenge. What can you do in 20 minutes or 20 seconds – can you turn off your ‘phone, do a TikTok dance, make a balloon dog or even decorate 20 cup cakes? Share your challenge with friends and colleagues on social media and challenge them for a donation to.
  17. Make your £10 donation into £20.
  18. Hold a readathon at school or with your book club – read 20 books to celebrate 20 years.
  19. Bake and sell 20 cakes at school, to friends, at work or in your community group.
  20. Could you volunteer for us for 20 days a year? 

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Active ideas

Trekkers looking at the camera
  1. Take part in one of our challenge events
  2. Aerobics:  get your gym to sponsor you

  3. Abseil: down from a high building

  4. Football competition

  5. Hospice to hospice cycle: Cycle from our Dorset to Wiltshire hospice or vice versa. 

  6. Row the channel (virtually): On a rowing machine at the gym, row the distance of the English Channel

  7. Car wash: ask your friends and neighbours if you can wash their cars!

  8. Tough Mudder: take on the challenge and ask your friends to sponsor you

  9. Step up: Challenge yourself to walk 10,000 steps a day

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Fun ideas

Three friends watching a film at home
  1. Film night: Get your friends round watch your favourite movie and ask for a small donation
  2. Joke-a-thon

  3. Karaoke night

  4. Tombola: Host a tombola and sell the tickets

  5. Yes day: Say yes to everything

  6. Games night

  7. Grow something and have a produce sale

  8. Unwanted presents sale: A great way to find your unwanted gifts a new home

  9. Giving in celebration

  10. Hold a collection

  11. Hold a 24 hour silence

  12. Facebook fundraiser: Set up a fundraiser on Facebook and inspire your Facebook friends to donate and share. 

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Corporate ideas

  1. Sponge the boss
  2. Office Olympics 
  3. Holiday raffle: Raffle to have an extra days holiday
  4. Bad shirt/ tie day
  5. Dress up or down day

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Culinary ideas

Cakes on a table
  1. Bake sale: Bake and sell your favourite treats
  2. Donut eating contest
  3. Ladies that lunch
  4. No snacks day: Donate what you would have spent
  5. Summer BBQ: Host a BBQ and ask for a small donation
  6. International evening: Host a country food themed evening

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Children's ideas

Children at a party
  1. Get Creative: Make something and then sell it, for example jewellery, t-shirts
  2. Parties: Host a party for your friends
  3. Bowling night
  4. Sell a service: Gardening, cleaning or walking the dog
  5. Our Young Fundraisers scheme

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