Josselin will often cover her face with her hands to escape from a world she finds overwhelming. The 16-year-old is profoundly deaf and blind, she can’t walk or eat, and she has no way of formally communicating. When she smiles, it’s magical.

Life is tough for Josselin’s family. With dad Lee recovering from a stroke and unable to support mum Karen with all of Josselin’s complex care needs, the family say the only help they get is from Julia’s House.

These are difficult times for many of us and we wouldn’t be asking for your help today if it wasn’t important. The need for our specialist care is rapidly increasing and more and more local families are feeling the strain of caring round-the-clock for their seriously ill child.

We never want a local family to face the dark days alone, and it’s thanks to your kindness and generosity they never will. Please give what you can today to help brighten Christmas for families like Josselin's. Thank you.