Will you help Addy’s family make magical memories this Christmas?

Like most little girls, Addy loves princesses and fairy tales. And before her devastating diagnosis of Batten disease – known as childhood Dementia - her family say she whizzed around on a scooter and liked to build sandcastles at the seaside. 
But Addy has now sadly lost her ability to walk and eat and it’s likely to be the last Christmas she will be able to see. She is gradually losing all her abilities and tragically, children like Addy aren’t expected to live past the young age of ten years old. Addy is seven now. 
Devastatingly, unlike the fairy tales that Addy loves so much, there is no fairy godmother to save her and her family from Batten disease. But your gift today can help Julia’s House nurses and carers wrap their arms around families facing such news and help them make magical memories while they still can. Thank you.